СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


Mini cupcakes are in bright packaging of polypropylene with a transparent window. Each pack have 6 mini-cakes inside, all cakes have a special individual package that allows you to increase the shelf life of cakes.

Tortini cekes economy series (330 g.)

In early 2010, the factory has released the mini cakes in new weight category-330 g. Economy Series Mini is designed for a cozy home tea party, cakes are available in transparent polypropylene packaging with colorful label, on which all required information is present, thanks to this advantageous this cakes price is different. Try a new product of this series - cakes chocolate Muffins.

Tortini cekes economy series (500 г.)

In 2007 factory has take the decision to sell the cakes in economy packaging 500 gr. We considered all different tastes of our customers, that is why the line of cakes “Econom” 11 positions with various fillings. All cakes are individual packaging. Cakes with fillings of jam and poppy seeds give opportunity to piece-by-piece implementation in the areas of catering, area near cash, airplanes and trains, because the full consumer information is marked on the packaging. Today cakes in economy packs are a sales leader.