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Puff products „Puffs with jam”

180 g., 12 pcs. Shelf life 9 months.
cherry jam
apricot jam
Strawberry jam


The company "Maharishi Products" offers a taste of crispy puff with jam. This is a treat not contain animal fats, and be sure to delight you during Lent. We are pleased to offer you three of the most popular a jam filling:

Puff pastries with strawberry jam familiar from childhood taste of strawberry jam in conjunction with light puff pastry is a pleasure that will give you a feeling of home warmth and comfort.

Puff pastries with apricot jam light delicacy with flavore of hot summer and the aroma of ripe apricots will involve you into the atmosphere of joy and light-0heartedness.Ptesent yourself a few minutes of pleasure.

Puff pastries with cherry jam for those who prefer a moderately sweet pastry, we offer puff pastries with cherry jam. Light tartness of the filling and sweetness of puff pastry itself perfectly complement each other.

Technical characteristics
Weight of package 180 g.
Number of packages in a box 12 pcs.
Box dimensions LxWxH 396x241x166 mm
Box volume 0,016 m3
Box net weight 2160 g.
Box gross weight 2600 g.
Pallet size 1200x800 mm
Quantity in 1 pallet 80 boxes