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Shelf life 9 months.
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Assortment of the factory is divided into three segments - mini-cakes "Tortini", puff pastries and bread sticks "Gresini" and "Bastoni". Highly qualified specialists of the factory are constantly expanding the assortment of the products. The Company provides a stable high quality, thanks to the use of only natural, high quality raw materials without adding artificial colors, animal fats and genetically modified products. Since 2014 we manufacture demanded by our customers format - weight products. Our cakes "Tortini" have individual packaging and the packaging of mini-cakes with jam fillings contains complete product information, including an individual bar code that allows you to sell them by the piece, even in networks.

Technical characteristics
  Mini-cakes "Tortini" Puff pastries with glaze Puff-pastry with jam filling Bread sticks "Gresini" with sesame seeds
Technical characteristics All kinds of the cakes “Tortini” , excluding Tortini without filling Tortini without filling
Weight of package 400х300х100 400х300х100 400х300х101 400х300х102 400х300х103
Box volume 0,012 m3 0,012 m3 0,012 m3 0,012 m3 0,012 m4
Box net weight 1518 g. 1288 g. 1500 g. 1788 g. 1800 g.
Box gross weight 1850 g. 1620 g. 1830 g. 2110 g. 2100 g.
Pallet size 1200x800 mm 1200x800 1200x800 1200x800 1200x800