СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Tortini Cakes

330g., 16pcs. Shelf life 7 months.
Wild Berry Muffins Chocolate


When the cakes of Economy Series (500 g) rightfully became the leader of our company sales, we introduced the cakes of Economy Series Mini. In our assortment we did our best to take into account all tastes and wishes of our customers and introduce 11 kinds of cakes:

  • with traditional 4 kinds of jams also having individual packaging with the necessary for each customer information
  • with milk, lemon and nut filling. Our fillings represent the original recipe brought from Italy and natural quality ingredients
  • with chocolate drops. Cakes with natural chocolate drops give energy charge for the whole day
  • with poppy seeds. We could not ignore the favorite since childhood taste of pastries with poppy seeds, such as cooked by beloved granny
  • with cinnamon (460g). We have prepared these cakes specially for lovers of eastern sweets, romance and seduction
  • muffins. Chocolate muffins with pieces of natural chocolate loved by Europeans and Americans found their fans also in Russia. Our muffins combine delicate taste, nutritional base and exquisite chocolate flavor.
  • with boiled condensed milk. You can say for sure that the most popular filling for adults and children is boiled condensed milk. In our cupcakes you will find only high quality boiled condensed milk and delicious biscuit.
Technical characteristics of the cakes “Tortini” 330g.
Weight of package 330 g.
Number of packages in a box 10 pcs.
Box dimensions LxWxH 411x241x293 мм
Box volume 0,029 м3
Box net weight 3300 g.
Box gross weight 4850 g.
Pallet size 1200x800 мм
Quantity in 1 pallet 60 boxes